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 ILEI Oceanio

Supporting and Promoting Education Through Esperanto in Oceania

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About ILEI

Internacia Ligo de Eperantistaj Instruistoj

ILEI Oceanio, like its parent organization, respects humanity, life and nature, and aims to promote understanding among peoples.

To that end, ILEI, including our section, Oceanio:

  • Advocates introduction of Esperanto into all kinds of schools, at all levels,      

  • Supports research and solving of pedagogical problems concerning language teaching,        

  • Publishes relevant fact sheets, tutorials, magazines and books.     

  • Organizes international events,

  • Manages international examinations for proficiency in the application and teaching of Esperanto,        

  • Works with government and other organizations with similar goals      

  • Facilitates international communication and collaboration.

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Established 2020, we are just getting started!

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Connecting Internationally

Projects that we are interested in developing with global partners include:

1) an internet portal for international communication and collaboration between schools, using Esperanto and

2) a documentary about school children learning Esperanto as part of their Global Education, or as an Apprenticeship Language for later language acquisition.


Getting Established

ILEI Oceania was officially established at the Australia-New Zealand Esperanto Conference in January 2020.

If you share our values and are interested in our activities, we warmly welcome your membership.

While we are working out the technicalities, please join us on Facebook!

Building Local Connections

We are interested in working with all kinds of schools to help develop and deliver excellent programs for effective multilingualism and global education.

By working together we can make existing programs better and bring new friends into the fold.

Some of our members are especially interested in IB and Montessori schools, so that will be an early focus but we are glad to add more.

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If we wait for governments, it will be too long.
If we act as  individuals, it will be too little.
But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, and it might just be in time."

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Contact ILEI Oceanio

Get in touch with ILEI Oceanio by email to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

And Join our Facebook Group!

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